Chicago Fire Damage Restoration Contractor & Smoke Damage Contractors


Fire damage restoration can be a daunting task. After all surviving a fire is one of the most traumatic situations in life. It’s frightening when families lives and property are threatened. Allen Restoration walk our clients through the process from start to finish. Below are 4 easy to follow steps to follow when attempting a fire damage restoration.

Step 1 : Create A Fire Damage Restoration Insurance Claim

First, our team of adjusters and contractors check the structures integrity. Our first priority is the safety of our clients and their families. The owner of Allen Restoration, Tom Allen holds a license as an insurance adjuster for the state of Illinois. He knows what insurance adjusters are looking for, and will provide the proof needed to show maximum damage.

It is best to get Allen Restoration involved early in the insurance claim process. This allows us to meet the adjuster or engineer at the property on the day of inspection.  This will gives our clients an authority in their corner. The insurance company is out to give you as little as possible. Allen Restoration is the best onsite advocate for homeowners.

Step 2: Fire Damage Insurance Determination

Once the determination is final, the homeowner knows the budget.  Once the budget for the restoration and renovation is set our estimator will give detailed outline of the work requested. The estimator will give options and break down costs of all the options. Once the budget is set and options are agreed upon, Allen Restoration goes to work ordering cabinets tile and all the materials needed for the project ahead.

Was Your Fire Damage Claim Been Denied?

No need to fear if a claim for fire damage was denied or only partially covered. Allen Restoration has success with fire damage claim denial reversals. Tom personally inspects the property and submits a full adjusters report that can be used to refute denial of coverage.


Step 3: Fire Damage Restoration Cleanup

We like to get our specialty cleaning crew on the job as soon as possible. We find that the sooner we are able to clean up, the more we are able to salvage for the homeowner. While fire damage restoration may seem daunting, Allen Fire Damage Restoration takes the fear out of restoring fire damaged properties. We are there for you from beginning to end with excellent communication and 20 years of experience through every step of the way. Our licensed and bonded clean-up crews work quickly and tirelessly to clean all fire and smoke damaged surfaces while protecting everything of value. We then repair all damaged walls, ceilings and floors. After restoration they will be smoke free and many times more structurally sound than the original structure.


Step 4: Fire Damage Renovation & Remodeling

After the thorough clean-up & restoration our crew will get started remodeling and finishing the restored area.  Many times fires happen in the kitchen. We choose and order your cabinets and tile in step 2 of this process so when we get to this step we have all the materials we need. We will will eliminate the powerful smell of smoke and repair all surfaces effected by the fire. Allen Restoration restores homes to better than their pre-damaged condition. Our knowledgeable general contractor Peter has over 20 years experience in fire damage restoration and renovation. He expertly coordinates our contractors for consistent successful restorations and renovations. Our priority is safety for our clients and doing the job right the first time.


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