Basement Flooring Chicago Area Contractor Flooring Options

Are you looking for the best choice for basement flooring Chicago? Deciding on the best type of basement flooring can be like picking out a good pair of  jeans. Both must look good and be durable. It's personal for each home owner. Allen Basement Renovation & Restoration assists our clients with options to make the choice simple and easy.


basement flooring chicago suburbsFirst it is important to decide the purpose for your basement flooring.

If you will be using the space for a storage, then you may consider simple linoleum  or carpet tiles for the space. Not only is this a frugal option for improving the basement flooring, but both have a tremendous amount of colors and design options. Both of these these options provide a floor that is resistant to spills and messes that are common in basement storage areas.


Are you looking for a more professional finished basement flooring?

Carpeting, ceramic tile and wood floors are choices that help professionally finish a basement. Carpet - Carpet provides warmth to a room that can otherwise have naturally colder floors. Ceramic tile comes in and array of colors and styles with a natural stone look or slate appearance. While ceramic tile installed by professionals allows for a more finished look to a basement, and heating coils only add to the heat that is commonly needed in a basement. Therefore, it may be wise to consider ceramic tile heating options when pricing our your basement flooring. Wood floors can be a beautiful basement flooring option. Most of the time they have to be installed over concrete. There are a couple of options for getting the wood floor look in your basement. First is to professionally prep the wood floors and glue them to the concrete. Second is the purchase wood floor look ceramic tile. There are many colors and different textures that have the look of wood but the durability of tile.

No matter the choice for your basement project, make sure it fits the purpose and you like the look, just like a nice pair of jeans.